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Do you want to transport your luggage from one city to another? Do you need to ship your luggage from India to another country? Irrespective of your specific requirements for luggage shifting, we can help you find the best service near you at an affordable price. Call Now.


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Reliable and Affordable Luggage Transport Services in India

Are you getting bothered because you need to transport your luggage from one place to another? If yes then it is better to rely on professional door to door luggage transport services in India. In almost all Indian metropolitan cities, there are several luggage transporters that provide luggage delivery and shifting services.

Luggage transport or luggage shifting service is for everyone who wants to streamline the moving process. Whether you are a student, a family, a senior citizen or a person with physical disabilities, getting on professional luggage transport service will make your life a whole lot easier and hassle-free. With this specialized service you can transport your bags and luggage from one city to another easily.

If you hire professional luggage delivery service in your city on your move to another city then you won’t have to pack and shift possessions with you. You won’t have to put them on your flight, bus or train. Your luggage will be waiting for you at your destination when you reach. The best thing you can do is you hire the required luggage delivery and shifting service from a trusted vendor.

You might find a number of luggage transport service providers in your city. But you need to verify them so that you can hire the reliable and safe luggage transport service. Hiring door to door luggage or baggage transport service from a reputable transport company might be cost you more. But it shall be safe.

When it comes to hire the best, safe and reliable luggage transport service in any city of India then you might have some challenges and difficulties. You might find yourself confused when it comes to make your mind on choosing the right transporter for luggage transportation. It is because no any vendor will tell you their drawbacks. Also, you don’t know about the credibility of a transport company you are going to hire.

In a nutshell, hiring safe and reliable luggage transport service requires a proper research that might take your precious time. What if you don’t have enough time to research so that you can figure out the right vendor for hiring the safe and reliable luggage delivery service in your city?

So, how will you crack the deal? How will you manage to hire the best and trusted luggage transporter in your city? Do you have any idea for that? Don’t think more. Just bank on EZ Relocation and hire the best and reliable luggage transport service in your city.

Bank on EZ Relocation for Hiring Reliable Luggage Shifting Services

If you are one of those people that are getting challenges and difficulties in hiring reliable and safe luggage and baggage transport service then you don’t need to worry at all. We at EZ Relocation are here to help you the best guidance and ultimate support in hiring the affordable yet safe and reliable luggage transport and delivery services. To make it sure you get the best luggage shifting service at best price, we have made partnership with some top-notch and trusted luggage transporters from all the major cities and towns of India.

The biggest reason for counting on EZ Relocation to hire door to door luggage shifting service in India is our all partner luggage transporters are verified, background-checked, licensed, experienced, and reliable. If you hire one of our partner packers and movers for luggage transportation and delivery from one city to another then you can expect for safe and on time delivery of your luggage. Experts will pack your luggage using premium quality packaging supplies and sturdy boxes to ensure your goods remain intact and safe in transit. Our professional packers and movers for luggage transportation and delivery are trained and know well how to transport luggage of their customers safely. For transportation of luggage, they use especially designed goods carriers.

We have made it easier and safer to book the luggage transport and shifting service in India with our sincere efforts and by making partnership with top-notch packers and movers that specialize in luggage transportation, part-load shifting, household goods shifting, and bag and baggage shifting.

When you place your query for hiring the safe and reliable luggage shifting service through this portal, then we will provide you free quotations from our top 3 vendors. Our verified luggage transporters or packers and movers will contact you shortly with custom quotations. According, you will be able to compare the price along with their services. This will help you make your mind to hire the right and trusted vendor for hiring the luggage transport service. Price comparison will also save you money.

So, what are you thinking more? If you truly need to hire the best and reliable luggage transportation services in any city of India then don’t hesitate to talk to us. Tell us your actual requirements such as what types of luggage you have to transport, from where to where you want to transport your luggage, what type of luggage transport service you want, or if you have any specific requirement for safe luggage shifting. Get free quotes today!

Our Luggage Transport or Shifting Services in India

We at EZ Relocation are providing you a comprehensive range of luggage shifting services in all the major cities and towns of India. Our luggage transport services include:

  • Student luggage transport & delivery service
  • Student parcel delivery service
  • Door to door luggage transfer & delivery service
  • Excess baggage shipping
  • Luggage courier service in India
  • Premium luggage service in India
  • Express luggage transport service
  • Family luggage transport service
  • Senior citizen luggage shifting service
  • Home luggage packing and moving service

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a door-to-door luggage transport service?

Yes, at EZ Relocation you can easily book door-to-door luggage transport service at an affordable price. The professional moving and shifting service providers we are associated with provides complete door-to-door luggage transport service. They will come to your house to pick up the goods and then deliver the same to the desired location.

Do you provide part-load luggage transport services?

Yes! You can avail of part-load luggage transport services as well as complete household goods shifting services. This means you can easily transport a few of your household items together like TV, fridge, furniture, cupboard, dining table, etc.

I am a student, can I book luggage transport services?

With EZ Relocation, anyone can easily book luggage transport services at affordable prices. No matter whether you are a student, family, individual, or a businessman, we provide comprehensive solutions to all our customers.

Can I hire a luggage transport service on a ‘Per km’ basis?

Yes! There are many transporters and transport companies that offer luggage transport service on a per km basis. The charges of per km transport services start with a base fare of Rs 700 for the distance 0-5 km. for 5-25 km the charges will be Rs 40 per km. The charges vary depending on the distance of the move. Here at EZ Relocation, you will get quotes to compare rates and hire the most affordable luggage transporter in India.

What is the approximate cost of luggage transport service in India?

The cost of luggage transport service in India depends on various things like the volume of your goods, size of the truck used for goods transportation, number of staff required for loading – unloading service, is packing required or not, distance to be covered, etc. We provide you multiple quotations from top service providers to compare rates.

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